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Twin Lakes is located close by.

I was incorporated in 1878.

You must take high altitude precautions to visit me. 10,152 feet!

In the late 19th century, I was the second most populous city in Colorado, after Denver

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The Town: Leadville, CO

The history of Leadville, Colorado

The history of Leadville begins during the Pikes Peak Gold Rush when placer gold was discovered in California Gulch in 1859. By 1860, the town of Oro City sprung up near present-day Leadville and by 1861 the population had soared to over 5,000. Horace Tabor, who was to become known as the "Leadville Silver King" and his wife Augusta were some of the first prospectors to arrive; Horace tried his luck at prospecting, while Augusta worked as a camp cook, laundress, banker and postmistress. But the boom was brief and Oro City never became a major settlement. The placer gold mining was hampered by heavy black sand in the sluice boxes.[5]

Discovery of silver[edit]

In 1874, gold miners at Oro City discovered that the heavy sand that impeded their gold recovery was the lead mineral cerussite, carrying a high content of silver. Prospectors traced the cerussite to its source, and by 1876, discovered several lode silver-lead deposits. The city of Leadville was founded near to the new silver deposits in 1877 by mine owners Horace Austin Warner Tabor and August Meyer, setting off theColorado Silver Boom. First they called the city "Slabtown," but soon when it started becoming wealthy they changed the name to "Leadville." By 1880, Leadville was one of the world's largest, and richest silver camps, with a population of over 40,000