Events and Campouts - 2011

Jan 16
Old Neighborhood

Feb 12
Country Buffet

March 19
Apple Creek

April 15 - 17

May 20 - 22
St. Vrain
State Park

June 17 - 19
Cherry Creek
State Park

July 15 - 17

Aug 19 - 21

Sept 9 - 11
State Samboree

Oct 7 - 9

Nov 19
Jim and Nick's

Dec 4
White Fence

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January 16  Old Neighborhood Restaurant

This did not feel at all like a cold January winter day, in fact, the temperature 
seemed more appropriate for April or May. Nine rigs were represented, a very nice turn-out.
 Most of the food was delicious as usual. This is always an exciting meeting, being the first of the year,
 a chance to think about all the good times we had last season, and an opportunity
to begin planning for this coming camping year.


Lois, Fred, and Ken sitting.
Jim standing

Ron, Darlene and Pat

February 12 - Country Buffet

March 19 - Apple Creek Restaurant

Thelma, and Sandy share some photos.

Ron and Sheryl take a look at the lunch menu

We had a very nice turn out at the March lunch

April 15 - 17 - Greeley Campground

In April, the weather held out and we were able to gather in Greeley for our first camp of the season. In 2010, our April camp out was canceled due to snow. The Greeley RV park is becoming a favorite for the Aspen Leaves. Good sites, a very fine meeting romm, and friendly ownerw really make this a fine camping choice.

Ron cooks up some pancakes for the Saturday morning crowd. They must have been good because there were no left overs.

Goldie and Renee try finding all the hidden items in a new puzzle that Sheryl provided for the Aspen Leaves group. There were a variety of subjects to choose from. On the right, Ron tries to solve the puzzle called "Piping Pipes". Jim tried a puzzle with hidden chess pieces, and other chapter members choose insects, the circus, and several other topics.

George tries to solve "Myths and Legends".

Some of the prizes Sheryl brought for those who could solve the very challenging puzzle sheets.

Now where is that Mosquito?

Fred cooks up some sausage for breakfast.

May 20 - 22 St. Vrain State Park

Formerly known as Barbour Ponds State Park, St. Vrain State Park has undergone major changes and renovations. Ponds have been cleaned up and shore lines improved. The ponds are regularly stocked with fish, drawing a large population of water birds. While there, the Aspen Leaves chapter saw ducks of many varieties, geese, pelicans, and herons. 

The campgrounds sites have been improved in many ways. Each features level paved pull through sites with shade structures, fire pits, and full hook ups.

Our weekend proved to be near perfect weather wise with clear sunny days, cool nights and generally warm temperatures. As usual, the chapter enjoyed good food and plenty of games. Several people took the opportunity to walk the trails around the ponds, enjoying many scenes of the birds present.

St. Vrain is a very attractive state park
Here is the description from the Colorado State Parks website:

Ponds that are home to graceful Egrets, white Pelicans and tall Cormorants, invite vistors to observe and enjoy nature to the fullest.  The Park has great new facillities, with more under construction, such as additional hiking trails and Blue Heron Reservoir opening in the near future.
St. Vrain State Park is a family-friendly destination for visitors seeking a peaceful and simple outdoor break. It’s easy to reach along I-25 between Denver and Ft. Collins at Highway 119 (exit 240). 

Formerly named Barbour Ponds, this nature and people-friendly park offers 604 acres of land and 152 acres of water split among several ponds. It’s a great place for anglers, campers, photographers, birders, walkers and anyone who loves nature.

Since 2006, Colorado State Parks added amenities like modern camping facilities, trail additions and fishing piers, with many more improvements on the way.

May is "Clean-Up" month for the Good Sams club, and the Aspen Leaves took the opportunity to clean up around the park.

Mama goose and kids

The group enjoys some dinner

Jim and Dave play Bola Toss

Cherry Creek State Park
June 17 - 19

Jim, Phyllis, Curt, Ruthie, Dave, and Sheryl learn to play a new game.

Dave, Thelma, and Renee play dominoes.

The park has great facilities. Saturday evening we all enjoyed a campfire complete with marshmallows. The weather was near perfect, no rain and very mild temperatures. There were several games set up this trip, Bola Toss, Bean Bag Toss, Washer Toss, and several table games.

As an extra treat, Ron made blueberry pancakes for everyone Saturday morning.

Photo by Curt Brudos

Ruthie, Dave, Phyllis, Sheryl, Renee, and Jim

When the sun set, the temperature dropped enough to make a campfire feel very good. We all enjoyed roasting marshmallows, although some were better at roasting than others.

Jim and Renee

Wayne and Thelma dropped by for a visit.

Photo by Curt Brudos

The Arapahoe group site at Cherry Creek State Park offers wide open space, plenty for games and campfires.

Photo by Curt Brudos

Dave, Sheryl, and Jim

Riverview - Loveland, CO
August 19-21

The Aspen Leaves traveled to the Riverview RV park west of Loveland for the August campout. This has always been a favorite. The sites back up to the Big Thompson river. A very scenic location. There is nothing better than sitting around a campfire with the bubbling river in the back ground.

Oh yes, someone in our chapter is always walking a dog...or two....or 9.

Riverview has a nice club house which is used by Aspen Leaves for games and meals.

This year, the weather was near perfect. We have had some problems in the past with heat, but not in 2011.

Greeley RV park
October 7 - 9

It was a wet weekend, not at all unusual for October. The Greeley RV park has a good club house which made the wet weather very tolerable.

We celebrated Jim's retirement with a very nice cake.

Ruthie and Dave

Sandy and Fred

Jim and Renee

The Pope family

Ron and Sheryl