Campouts - 2010

Jan 16

Feb 20

March 20
Apple Creek

April 16-18

May 14-16

June 18-20
Cherry Creek
State Park

July 18
Country Buffet

Aug 27-29
Arrowhead Point
Buena Vista

Sept 10-12
State Samboree

Oct 1-3

Nov 20
Fresh Fish

Dec 12
White Fence

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January 16  Cinzzetti's

The chapter has only been to Cinzzetti's a couple of times, but we always enjoyed the visit. There is an outstanding choice of buffet items, mostly Italian of course, but also a number of other cuisines.All of the food is well prepared. We usually are able to arrange our own room which is very nice.

February 20 - Armadillo Restaurant

March 20 - Apple Creek Restaurant

April 16-18 - Greely Campground

May 14 - 16 Riverview - Loveland, CO

Cherry Creek State Park

This was the first camp-out in a state park in many years.
The weather really cooperated, no snow, thunder storms,
tornados or any other such crazy weather. 

Bola Toss and Bean Bag Toss were played as well as
many different card games. The food was great
as usual and everyone seemed to have
a very good time

Pope's, Hanns, Hasselblad's, 
Trzos, and Kern's

The park has great facilities.
Saturday evening we all
enjoyed a campfire
complete with

Martinson's and Gray's

Virl and Dave were guests for the
campout and brought their
cute dog "Rosslyn"

Renee and Sheryl looking at dog pictures

George getting in a little reading

Goldie took many walks during the camp-out

George and John visiting

John, Dan and Curt enjoying the afternoon

John and Dave play Bola Toss. 
One of our favorite games

Phyllis and Sheryl


Saturday afternoon the chapter had an RV
garage sale. Here was a chance to
find new homes for items from
member RV's

October 1-3 Greeley RV Park

What a great weekend camp out. October can present a camper with blowing snow or freezing temperatures, or the month can be kind with late summer-like conditions. The Aspen Leaves Chapter was fortunate to experience the latter. Although evening temperatures dipped in to the high 30's, brrrr..., the daytime temps hovered in the mid 80's.

There were three rigs at Greeley RV park, Martinsons, Trzos, and Popes, and a total of 25 folks. John and Sharon joined us on Saturday for our meeting. What! Yes count that 25 faces and 78 legs. Well, most of the legs belonged to the 17 dogs that attended the camping trip. Lets see, there was Duncan, and his 5 girls, Shelby, Tuvok, Collin, Dylan, Ella, Bennie, Drake, Sophi, and Doni, CeCe, and Sadie. Of course, these dogs are very good campers and did not disturb the neighbors, although they may have given a few squirrels a run for their money.

Trust me, when you get 3 families of DOG PEOPLE together in one place, there are a lot of tales passed around, or is that Tails?

We had good food as is always the standard for the Aspen Leaves members, good games, and good friendly companionship. October is our last camping trip for the season and much of our conversation this weekend featured plans for next year. Many of the dates, sites and hosts were firmed up, although we still need to make a decision for host in May and a site in July.

Ron, Sandy, Fred, Jim, Renee, and Sheryl