Events and Campouts - 2009

January 17
Cinzetti's  Italian Restaurant

February 21
Apple Creek

March 21

Johnson's Corner
April 17 - 19
Snowed Out

May 15-17

June 13 - 15
Royal View
 RV Park

July 18 - 20
Parrish Ranch

August 14 - 16

Buena Vista
September 12 - 14

Strasburg KOA
October 2 - 4

November 21
Country Buffet

Christmas Party
December 6

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Cinzetti's Restaurant

January 2009

We had a very good crowd for our January get-together at Cinzetti's restaurant in Northglen. Almost all of our rigs were represented. This is a great place to have a luncheon, the food is always very good and there is a wide selection of food. In some, cases the food is rather unusual which makes the meal even more interesting.

This was our first meeting for the new year and so a lot of plans were discussed, firmed up, or changed.

Al and Allene prepare the table favours for our luncheon.

Sheryl, Sandy, and Fred get ready to conduct our official meeting.

Apple Creek
February 2009

Apple Creek Restaurant is a regular stop for the Aspen Leaves Chapter. It is one of our favorites at the beginning of the year before the group starts camping. The food has always been very good and this year was no different. Most of the rigs were represented, as they were in January.

It's hard to decide what to order to eat, everything is so good, but it looks like Fran has made her choice.

Verla gets ready to conduct some business

The Armadillo

The Armadillo is a regular stop for our group. The restaurant always does a nice job arranging a private buffet for the Aspen Leaves Chapter.

Korky and Mel

Fred, Sandy, Prestone, and Allene


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Riverview RV Park
May 15-17

In May the chapter traveled to Riverview RV Campground just west of Loveland. This is another of the group's favorite sites. In previous years the temperatures have been a little high, but not this year. The conditions were just about perfect the entire weekend.

One of activities Saturday evening was to gather around the campfire with friends and roast marshmallows. Some of us did a better job than others.

Later that evening, Jim read a number of cowboy poems that everyone seemed to enjoy.

Ron and Sheryl enjoy some quality family time next to the river. Most of the Aspen Leaves sites were located next to the river. It is very scenic and makings the evening sleep really tranquil.

Jim spent time Saturday evening to read some cowboy poetry. Everyone seemed to especially enjoy the poem about an Army mule.

Roasting marshmallows over the campfire, what fun.

Clearly, Dave is an expert "roaster".

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Royal View
Canon City - June 19-21

The Royal Gorge bridge as viewed from the RV park.

Renee walks Drake...or is it Dillon?

Even the Aspen Leaves dogs visit at the camp-outs.


Korky is silly

John and Ron cooking up some pancakes for Saturday breakfast.

A nice camp set-up.

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Christmas Dinner

White Fence Farms

Annual Christmas Dinner

The White Fence Farms restaurant was beautifully decorated for Christmas, and Renee and Sheryl added to the scene by setting up a very nice dinner area.

Sheryl and Ron presented a special tribute to servicemen again this year complete with a gift unit coin presented to each Aspen Leaves member who is a veteran.

Each member attending also received a very special tree ornament that was made by Sheryl's daughter.

The food was terrific as usual and every one seemed to have a great time.

Sheryl and Renee
Good Job!

Gifts for the raffle to benefit Guardian Angels for Soldier's Pets

Renee and Sheryl did a great job with the table settings. Each Aspen Leave member received a personal fruit pie and some chocolates.

Induction of the new 2010 officers

Aspen Leaves Vets

Ron Martinson presents a special made Aspen Leaves coin to all of the veterans in our group.

Phyllis and Curt

Pat and Darlene

Ruthie and Dave

These Holiday bags were provided by Renee and Sheryl so that each Aspen Leaves member would have a way to collect all of their Christmas cards, table favors, and other items.