Events and Campouts - 2008

Apple Creek Restaurant
January 19

Country Buffet
February 16

March 22

Johnson's Corner
April 18-20

Calhan. CO
May 16 - 18

Lone Duck RV Park
June 13 - 15

Limon, CO
July 18 - 20

Arrow Head Point
Buena Vista
August 15 - 17

State Samboree
Salida, CO
September 12 - 14

Strasburg KOA
October 3 - 5

Old Neighborhood
November 15

Christmas Party
December 6

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Limon, CO

July 18 - 20

Someone might not think that traveling to Limon in the middle of summer would be a very good idea, but the trip worked out just fine. Temperatures were not too hot, and the Aspen Leaves Chapter had access to the air conditioned meeting room.

The trip was interesting as we shared the RV park with a traveling "combine group". They were in the area harvesting winter wheat and brought all of their possessions with them, it seemed. Lots of farm vehicles and kids.

Chapter members enjoyed a weekend of both indoor and outdoor games and lots of good home cooked meals.

Lois, Jerry, and Norma

Meal Time


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Arrowhead Point RV Park

Buena Vista, CO

This site, in the upper Arkansas Valley region is certainly one of the most beautiful in the state. Located near the contenental divide, the area has an unending supply of scenic beauty.

The only glitch for this trip was the regular rain the washed out the Saturday morning breakfast that had been planned by the park owners. As always, chapter members came up with a contingency plan and no one went hungry.

Rain, rain, rain

Renee sews on more patches, a process that never seems to end.

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Strasburg, CO
October 3 - 5

Our final camping trip for the year was held at a traditional park, the Strasburg KOA. Each year seems different from the previous years, and 2008 was no exception. The fall colors were quite late this year and so we were not treated to the explosion of yellows and oranges as is usually the case.

We had a big turn out as usual for the last camp out and everyone had a great time.

It is a little sad to winterize the vehicles for 2008 but most were content in the knowledge that the 2009 camp season is only 5 months away.

"See you in April at Johnson's Corner"

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The Old Neighborhood
Restaurant - November

Dave shuts his eyes in disbelief as he receives his winners ribbons from the State Samboree held in September.
Tom Gray presents the ribbons

Our November luncheon was held at a longtime favorite site, The Old Neighborhood Restaurant. The food was good as always and we had a good number of people attending with 14 of our 19 rigs represented.

The weather held out nice for us, an unusual thing in November. This is usually the month that we get a good taste of the winter to come.

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White Fence Farms
Restaurant -
December 7
Christmas Dinner

White Fence Farms is a beautiful location to hold our annual Christmas dinner. There is a lot to see at the facility, the rooms and tables are very nice and the service is very good.

Renee sets up the card bag table.

Each Aspen Leaves member has their own card and gift bag.

Stuffing the bags with Christmas cards.

The best cookie ever.

A time to visit with friends.
Fred, Dave and Ruthie

December 7, 2008

It is only proper that on this date we recognize and honor our countrie's veterans. Ron and Sheryl did a terrific job of organizing and presenting a special tribute to U. S. veterans. Those Asppen Leaves members who are also vets were recognized with a special gift.

Ron continued the presentation with a short speech honoring vets and the Sheryl read a special poem.

Great Job Ron and Sheryl!