Events and Campouts - 2007

Apple Creek Restaurant
January 20

Texas Road


Johnson's Corner

City KOA

Lone Duck
 RV Park

Arrowhead Point
RV Park
Buena Vista



State Samboree
Salida, CO

Strasburg KOA

Marie Calender's


Apple Creek

Hosts: Wayne and Thelma Achenbach
Dan and Phyllis Briggs

January 20, 2007

Some of the many Aspen Leaves members who attended the January meeting and lunch.

Even though the previous 30 days had brought five serious snow storms, three considered blizzards, and around five feet of snow, the Aspen Leaves Chapter held their January meeting and lunch as scheduled. The Apple Creek restaurant is a popular one for the group due to the fine food, and the availability of a group meeting room. The room worked very well, giving us privacy to conduct our meeting.

Some of the talk centered on the up-coming camping season and how happy we will all be to see sunshine, green grass and to feel warm temperatures. 

Margaret, Ruthie and Renee spend some time visiting and getting all the up-to-date info since the last meeting.



  Bennett's Restaurant

March 2007



The Aspen Leaves members wait to go in for lunch at Bennett's Pit Bar-B-Que in Aurora.

Verla, Sharon, and Judy take time to visit and enjoy a meal.

George shares some toys he has made to be shipped to children in China.



Johnson's Corner

April 2007


 no photos at this time




 Colorado City KOA

May 2007

Hosts: Ruthie and Dave Hasselblad

Photos: by Tom Gray



 Good Sam
National Cleanup Day
May 19-20, 2007

For the last eleven years, the Good Sam Club has held a National Cleanup Day to remove litter from our public roads and lands. Hundreds of Good Sam chapters and thousands of individuals take part each year. 

The Aspen Leaves Good Sams chapter participated the year during our May campout at Colorado City RV park.

Thank You Aspen Leaves





Bishop Castle

Can this scenery be beat?

Lets give a round of applause for our hosts at this campout, Don and Judy

 Lone Duck RV Park

June 2007

Hosts: Don and Judy Greer

photos by Jim Pope

What a great weekend. For several years, the Lone Duck trip has been greeted by torrential rain showers. Not this year. Although there was a brief rain on Saturday, most of the time the weather was cool and comfortable. 


The chapter gathers to retire several flags that have become tattered and worn.

photo by Dan Briggs


Don stirs up the pancake batter for our regular Saturday morning breakfast

The pancakes are now grilled to perfection by Chef Don.

OK...lets eat!! 


John places the Hann board on the member sign.

Lone Duck RV Park is a favorite camping spot for our chapter. It is located fairly close for most, only about 15 miles west of Colorado Springs. 

May and June are good months to visit as the weather is still mild, and the wildflowers are in full bloom. 

The Aspen Leaves chapter campouts are a great time to sit and visit with friends.

Elaine and Sharon seated. John, Jerry and Robert in the background.


We will see everyone next month for another great camping trip.





 Arrowhead Point RV Park
Buena Vista

July 2007

Hosts: Mel and Korky Brian
Jim and Renee Pope

photos by Jim Pope

There was plenty of time to visit and chat with friends



Although weather reports made the weekend sound dreadful, the weekend at Arrowhead Point RV park was fine. There were a few showers, but they brought welcome relief from the heat and bright sun.

One of the featured events this weekend was an Ice Cream Social on Saturday. Korky and Renee hosted the event. With several toppings available, members were able to make a variety of ice cream dishes. 



One of the many rustic buildings at the RV park


Tom gets rid of some sticky Colorado bugs 


Arrowhead Point RV Park is located in the upper Arkansas River Valley near Buena Vista, one of the most scenic areas in Colorado. The valley is very popular and features river rafting, hunting, trail riding for both horses and 4-wheel drive vehicles, and many camping areas. 

Sunday morning breakfast is always a big hit 

Renee visits with Ron and Cheryl, two of several guests the Aspen Leaves welcomed at this campout

One of Aspen Leaves' four footed family members

Ft. Collins KOA
 RV Park

August 2007

Hosts: Tom and Ruth Weber
John and Sharon Hann

photos by Jim Pope

Rain, rain, and more rain.
Saturday afternoon weather was interesting to say the least. Dinner was on hold for a while during a torrential downpour. Soon the skies cleared, however, and the Aspen Leaves Chapter enjoyed another delightful afternoon of food and fellowship.

Our Saturday afternoon event was a cookie decorating contest. Members had less than an hour to decorate a large cookie using only items from their RV. There was a great variety of designs. Mel and Korky Brian, George and Goldie Kerns, and John and Sharon Hann were the winners of the contest.

The Aspen Leaves Dog Brigade out for a walk and a visit. Sometimes we have more dogs than people at our camp-outs.

Dave and Thelma hold the traveling flag for games won at State Samborees. The Aspen Leaves Chapter has three patches on the flag, most of any state chapter. Dave in particular always does very well at the State Samboree events.

Game Results

Thelma Achenbach
1st Place-Dominoes (Mexican Train)

Dave Hasselblad
2nd Place - Bean Bag Toss
1st Place - Bean Bag Baseball
1st Place - Horseshoe Doubles
2nd Place - Horseshoe Singles
1st Place - Bola Toss
1st Place - Washer Toss

State Samboree
Salida, CO

September 14-16, 2007

photos by Jim Pope

Memorial Balloon release

Another successful State Samboree

Pleasant weather, and many great activities greeted Good Sam Chapters as they attended this years event.

The Good Sams chapters are entertained by the Haroldson family again this year. The Haroldsons were also here in 2005 and are a favorite.

9 rigs were present at the State Samboree.

Diner was excellent this year, as it is every year. The State Directors do a terrific job arranging dinners. The food is always good and no one goes away hungry.

See you next year at the 2008
State Samboree

Salida is located in a very beautiful part of the state, at the foot of the mountains making up the Continental Divide. This will also be the site for the 2008 State Samboree.

Thelma wins 1st Place in the competition for Mexican Train Dominoes

Dave competes in horseshoe toss. He would go on to win 1st place in Doubles and 2nd place in Singles

Verla at the Photo Contest board

Strasburg KOA

October 2007

Hosts: Norma Emerson

photos by Renee Pope

Welcome to our new members
Ron and Sheryl Martinson

The weatherman was kind to the chapter again this year as we enjoyed our last camp-out. In 2006, the next day brought a snow storm, and that was nearly the case this year. A storm was predicted but never showed up.

Friday evening eight of the members decided to go to a local Mexican restaurant for dinner. Problem was, no one had a vehicle. We borrowed Al's big truck, and with two members in the bed of the pick-up, we slowed headed down main street. It's a small town! Really, the restaurant was only about 6 blocks away, but just out of walking distance for us.

On Saturday morning several members walked in to town to the local gift shop. Remember, it is a small town!

Saturday evening we sat to our regular pot-luck dinner, soup being this year's theme, then brought out the games. For background music, we listened to and watched  the Rockies baseball team in the play-offs.


Norma graciously provided a 27th anniversary cake for our social on Saturday. Later that afternoon, we all cooked our very best soups for dinner. The soup theme was quite popular with the members, and we will probably do it again next year.

Mexican dominoes is one of the chapter's favorite games and there always seems to be one in progress.

Visiting our friends is our very favorite activity during camp-outs.

The Marble Game

Notice the required energy food at close hand.

Dave leads our Sunday morning devotional service

Al, Sandy, Wayne, and Jim

Good Advice !

Christmas Party

Goldie, George, and Dave chat before dinner

Each year during December, the Aspen Leaves Chapter holds their annual Christmas Party. A great time to wrap up all of the events of the year, share stories, enjoy good food, and make plans for the upcoming season.

Mel, Robert, and Al visiting, or tell'in lies....hard to say.

The new officers for 2008 are inducted by State Director Al Allain.

I'll just have a little slice of cake, says Al

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