Events and Campouts - 2006

Sams III
February 18

March 18

Johnson's Corner
April 14-16

Mountain Dale
May 19-20

State Samboree
June 9-11

Spruce Lake Campground
July 14-16

August 18-20

Wellington KOA
September 15-17

Strasburg KOA, CO
October 20-22

Country Buffet, Aurora
November 18

Chapter Christmas
Party - December 2


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Sams III - February 18

Hosts: Wayne and Thelma Achenbach
Joe and Ellie Duran

Robbye, Ellie, and Joe

- 17 degrees, a new Denver record low for February 18.

The record low did not deter the Aspen Leaves Chapter from meeting with their friends and enjoying a good meal at Sams III in Aurora.

Mel and George

Don and Cliff

The Armadillo Restaurant- March 18

Hosts: Cliff and Robbye Richards
Dan and Phyllis Briggs

Norma, Margaret, and Robert

Ruthie and Dave

Goldie and George getting some of the delicious Sopa Pillas

The folks at the Armadillo restaurant did a great job providing the luncheon for the Aspen Leaves Chapter March meeting. The group had it's own Mexican food bar with chicken and beef tacos, rice, beans, enchiladas, and sopa pillas.

Sandy, Fred, Mel, and Korky

Johnson's Corner - April 14-16

Hosts: Jerry and Lois Riley

Renee and Drake go in to register at the office.

Johnson's Corner

The weather really cooperated this weekend for our first campout. Even the flowers were in bloom as were some of the bushes. The Aspen Leaves members were able to play numerous outdoor games this weekend. A special treat on Saturday was our first try at a chapter movie night. We watched "March of the Penguins". It was a terrific movie, and a nice idea from Lois and Jerry. 

Just a few of the names of members attending.

The campground has plenty of comfortable, well maintained sites.

An antique John Deer tractor dresses up the main entrance to Johnson's Corner Campground

There is always something that needs fix'n. A local repairman works on a hot water heater for one of the Aspen Leaves members.

Bola Toss, or Ladder Golf is rapidly becoming one of the Aspen Leaves favorite outdoor games.

Dave gives the bola a good toss as he practices with other members.

Folks enjoy a round of Mexican Train Dominoes, a very popular indoor game.

Tom enjoys a good book. Aspen Leaves campouts always have time to relax.

Don tempts a local resident with some food scraps. "Watch the fingers, Don!"


Mountain Dale - May 19-20

Hosts: Fred and Sandy Trzos
George and Goldie Kerns

Pancake breakfasts have become a tradition with our group, much to the pleasure of those who get to eat them.
Good idea Don!

Mountain Dale Campground

One of the Aspen Leaves main interests is playing both indoor and outdoor games. Here, members sit down to play Dominoes.

A rare campfire. Campfires are not a regular part of our trips, so we really enjoy the chance when we can all sit around and relax to the flames.

Joe sings for our group.

The chapter is very fortunate to have someone with Dave's capacity to conduct Sunday devotionals.

State Samboree - June 9-11

Greeley Colorado

It is June, so this must be the annual Colorado State Good Sams Samboree. The Aspen Leaves members once again made the trek to Greeley Colorado for a weekend of socializing, games, and good food.

Thursday was the day for registration, games sign-up, and the Bocce Ball tournament.

On Friday, the vendor displays opened all day. The games for the day were the Card and Domino events. Also held were the bean bag toss, horseshoes, and bean bag baseball.

The lunch deli featured hot dogs, pies, cakes, root beer floats, popcorn, funnel cakes and egg rolls. Sounds real healthy, doesn't it?

On Friday the seminars were: "Sparkle Up Your Duds", "First Timers", and "Crafts". The evening entertainment was provided by singer Les Balty and his group.

On Saturday, a biscuits and gravy breakfast was provided by the Sunrise Sams and donuts/coffee was provided by Good Luck Sams and Aerospace Sams.

The seminars for the day were: "Tire Safety", "Waterless Detailing", "Crafts", "Up-keep and Maintenance", and "Computers".

The featured games consisted of washer toss, and Bola toss.

The deli lunch Saturday featured walking tacos, root beer floats, cobblers, and ice cream.

The vendor displays were again available as was the booth for craft sales.

For dinner, the Good Sams were treated to ham and fried chicken with plenty of potato salad and other side dishes.

The entertainment for the evening was provided by the "High Country Cloggers". This is a National Champion group of dancers and they put on quite a spectacular display of dancing skill.

Sunday morning found folks lining up for pancakes and sausage hosted by the Aerospace Sams.

A morning devotional was followed by the annual balloon release honoring those members who have passed this last year.

Aspen Leaves members "Big Joe" and "Little Joe" contributed to the chapters game success with a 1st Place finish in "Washer Toss"

The Aspen Leaves raffle table was a popular stop as the chapter had offered some very nice raffle prizes. Goldie and Judy help sell tickets.

Sometimes, it is just nice to sit and relax, not an easy task during the very busy Samboree schedule.

Ken spent many hours providing transportation for folks. The Samboree site is quite spread out and the carts were a real blessing for those needing rides.

Dave is always a strong contendor in horseshoes, and this year was no exception. Dave finished 2nd place in the singles division.

During Friday's lunch, Aspen Leaves members sell pie and cake. The dessert stop was very popular!

We Remember
Donald Leroy Emerson

Don passed away on October 24, 2005. He loved to camp and fish and was an active Good Sam  Aspen Leaves member. Don was remembered during the balloon release. The chapter's thoughts and prayers go out to his wife Norma.


Spruce Lake RV

Hosts: Dave and Ruthie Hasselblad
Jim and Renee Pope assisting

Estes Park, CO

July 14 - 16

Assembling the canopy for the weekend. They really do know what they are doing...sort of.

The Aspen Leaves Chapter held the July campout at the beautiful Spruce Lake RV Park located in Estes Park, Colorado. It is a terrific facility found at an elevation of 7,500 feet adjacent to Rocky Mountain National Park. The weather was nearly perfect throughout the weekend. Everyone enjoyed the games, the meals, and the time to visit with friends.

The Aspen Leaves Canopy provides sheltered space for games, meetings, and of course, eating.

"President Don" gives instructions before the games begin.
" Ok now. No bite'n, kick'n or scratch'n".

Mexican Dominoes is a chapter favorite.

On Friday evening, the chapter walked across the bridge to a local restaurant for dinner. The name is "The Other Side" and the food is the best. If you are ever in Estes Park, be sure to give the place a try.

On Saturday evening we held the traditional pot luck. Tonight the main dish was Jim's sloppy joes.

"I think I'll have some of this, and some of this, and this, and this, and this, and this.........

The area is known for the abundant wildlife. Here, Renee photographs several deer next to the RV park.

The activity center is laocated next to the park's lake.

On Saturday evening, the group was treated to entertainment by Brad and Kathy Fitch.

 Brad and Kathy are popular all over Colorado. Their blend of John Denver songs and others of their own is extremely entertaining.

A beautiful setting

Arkansas River KOA

Hosts: Mel and Korky Brian
Cotopaxi, CO

August 18,19, and 20

Don enjoys the weekend camp-out

In August the Brians hosted the camp-out at Cotopaxi. The camp-out was fairly calm except for President Don's loosing battle with a rather pesky wasp, landing him in the Emergency room in Salida.

We thank Sharon and John Hann for hosting this camp-out.

Wellington KOA

Hosts: John and Sharon Hann
Ft. Collins, CO

September 15,16, and 17

The Wellington KOA offers a scenic view of the mountains.

Sharon hands out the tickets for our first Chinese auction. Members choose a wrapped gift in ticket number order. The next person may then either select a wrapped item from the gift table, or take one of the opened gifts from someone who has already chosen and opened their package. Being first to select is not a great thing.

David selects a gift at random. He wins a very nice antique rusty can of bug remover. What a surprise that he was not able to trade it away!

Renee picks her ticket for the auction as an anxious Ruthie looks on.

Puppy traing for "Drake" Pope doesn't seem to be working out. The sites at Wellington KOA were spacious and well maintained.

Ruthie and Renee

Strasburg KOA

Hosts: Norma Emerson
Bob and Margaret Stucker

Strasburg, CO

October 6,7, and 8

Rich blue skies and brilliant fall colors are typical in October. This year was no exception. Several members spent time taking photographs of the scenery.

The traditional October get-together in Strasburg is an event the Aspen Leaves members look forward to as it signals the end of another great year of campouts. The fall is often at it's colorful peak, and the temperatures are usually mild and balmy. Thoughts often turn to upcoming winter meetings and to plans for the next years camping trips.

Jim and Renee

Strasburg has become synonymous with chili cooking as the Aspen Leaves men brew up their best recipes. Dishes run from mild to 4-alarm hot!

Norma helps prepare samples for our guests to taste, test, and rate the various pots of chili.

This was is pretty good, says one of the taste experts.

Joe Duran easily wins the award for "hottest" chili!

The following awards were received:

"Best All-Around" - Bob Stucker

"Mildest" - Don Greer

"Hottest" - Joe Duran

Cliff and Robbye

Our business meeting on Saturday.

"Golf"-Aspen Leaves style.

Country Buffet-Aurora

Hosts: Jim and Renee Pope

November 18

Oreo Turky - Table decoration and snack

"Are you sure these are the directions?"

Aspen Leaves members chat as we await the start of our lunch

Renee and daughter Maria prepare the Oreo Turkeys

Christmas Dinner and Party

Hosts: Mel and Korky Brian

North Jeffco Senior Recreation Center

December 2nd

John and Sharon

The annual Aspen Leaves Chapter Christmas Dinner and Party was held on December 2nd at the North Jeffco Senior Recreation center. 37 members attended the dinner, with only two rigs absent, a terrific showing.

Ellie and Robbye

The new Aspen Leaves officers for 2007 are inducted at the Christmas Dinner.

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