Campouts - 2005

Johnson's Corner
April 15-17

May 20-22

Spring Samboree
June 17-19

Heron Lake
July 15-17

Lone Duck
August 19-21

Fall Samboree
September 16-18

October 1-2

Heritage Square
November 13


25th Anniversary
Awards Fesival Playhouse
November 26

Chapter Christmas
Party - December 3


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Johnson's Corner-April 15-17

Fran, Al, and Don visit at the 1st camp-out of the year. Visiting is something our group enjoys doing a lot of.

Joe, Gene, Jack and Dave enjoy a round of Washer Toss, always a favorite. The Aspen Leaves are an active group of gamers. The weekend camp-outs give plenty of opportunity to play.

What would a camp-out be without horseshoes? Here, Dave and Gene do their best to out toss each other. Bet you can't guess who won?

The Duran's were our special guests at the April camp-out. Joe provided some wonderful singing for the group after dinner Saturday night. There was plenty of music and dancing to please the crowd.

Johnson's Corner-April 2005

Great weather and a great camp-out to begin the 2005 season. 12 member rigs were present at the Aspen Leaves 1st camp of the season.

all Johnson's Corner photos by Jim Pope

Let's eat !

Riverview - May 20-22

Main Entrance to the campground

River View

Although the temperature was a little warm, very warm to be honest, the cool stream nearby made the warm weather tolerable. The relaxing sounds from the creek made for a very relaxing weekend. This is one of the nicer campgrounds the Aspen Leaves Chapter visits.

all Riverview photos by Renee Pope

Renee relaxing by the creek

Jim does some cooking by the creek.

Our group always eats well, thanks in part to the good cooking abilities of many of the members.


Spring Samboree - June 17-19


Photos needed
If you have photos from this campout please contact Jim Pope


Heron Lake - July 15-17


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If you have photos from this campout please contact Jim Pope


Lone Duck - August 19-21


Photos needed
If you have photos from this campout please contact Jim Pope


State Fall Samboree - Chaffee County Fairgrounds
Salida, CO - September 16-18

Salida, CO

Aspen Leaves

Aspen Leaves receive
Traveling Sports Award

Salida, CO

'Tis a privilege to live in Colorado. This weekend the Aspen Leaves members found that to be true. The weather was perfect, the friends were great to be with. The cooking was good, and the entertainment was the best ever.

photo by Ruthie Hasselblad

Dave Hasselblad welcomes new comers to the State Samboree.

photo by Ruthie Hasselblad

Desert Skies  Band is the  Haroldson family of Aztec, New Mexico.  The band enjoys playing fiddle music of many lands from the Ukraine to Texas, from Mexico to Ireland, and on around the globe. They will entertain you with their energetic, foot  tapping tunes.  The fiddle is the star instrument of  the band but you will also be treated to the sounds of  the mandolin, Irish Tin Whistle, guitar and assorted other traditional instruments.

Ranging in age from 18 years to three years, the Haroldson kids display an amazing blend of talent from various instruments.

Visit their website at:

photo by Hasselblads

Don Greer cooks up a mess'a brats for the Aspen Leaves Chapter. These were vintage brats from a very good year, so we hear...

photo by Jim Pope

Joe Duran shows how the washer toss is done at the Samboree competition. Joe must truly have the touch as he won first place, adding a blue ribbon the weekend gaming prizes for Aspen Leaves Chapter. He was followed only one point behind by Cliff Richards. A 1st and 2nd for the chapter.

photo by Jim Pope

Long Tall Dennis treated Colorado Good Sam member to an evening of cowboy music, poetry, and a few TALL tales. Everything was very entertaining, and we all learned a few things about the West. As Dennis told us, the West is still here.

Memorial for members lost during 2005

photo by Jim Pope

Members from various chapters prepare to release balloons in remembrance of those Good Sam members that have passed away this last year. It was a heartfelt moment for all.

photo by Jim Pope


photo by Jim Pope

Cliff Richards lines up the Bollo for his next turn at Bollo Toss.

photo by Renee Pope


The Arkansas river valley is truly one of the most spectacular settings in the state. This is the scene behind the Chaffee County fairgrounds where the Fall Samboree was held.

photo by Renee Pope

Jim and Dave compete during one of the Bocce Ball rounds.

photo by Jim Pope

Cliff and Robbye

photo by Jim Pope

Renee, Ruthie, Dave, and Judy
enjoy "Walking Tacos" for lunch on Saturday.

photo by Jim Pope

Ellie and Joe

photo by Jim Pope

Robbye and Renee

photo by Jim Pope

Don and Judy

photo by Ellie Duran

Renee and Jim

photo by Jim Pope

Wayne and Thelma

photo by Jim Pope

Marguerite and Thelma

photo by Jim Pope

Even the dogs stopped and visited at the Fall Good Sams Samboree.



Strasburg - October 1-2

Strasburg, CO

Strasburg, CO was the site of the final camp-out of the 2005 season for the Aspen Leaves Chapter.

We were blessed with perfect weather, perfect food, and perfect fellowship. This was a terrific end to the camping season for us. Most of the chapter was there, although we missed a couple of members due to a date mix-up. 

The KOA campground owners were gracious as usual, giving good support for our weekend needs.

All of our meals this weekend were held at the campground, including Friday night dinner, Saturday breakfast and dinner, and also our traditional Sunday morning breakfast.Aspen Leaves are good cooks, as you could easily tell by the empty pots and pans at the end of each meal, especially Sunday morning. Wow! We must have been hungry.

Card games and Dominoes were they most popular events this weekend. There were no horse shoes, however. That was strange, as there always seems to be a round of horse shoes going on.

Jim Pope wore out his camera over the weekend. These are a very few of the many photos taken.

We all left Sunday morning, a bit sad as we knew we were going home to winterize and store the RV's for the end of the season. We hear tell there is snow expected Tuesday evening...only in Colorado can the seasons change so fast.

See y'all at the campouts next season starting in April.

Rib eye steak and chicken were the features for our Friday night dinner. The campground chef did the cooking and of course, the Aspen Leaves members were more than willing to do the eating. Mashed potatoes and corn rounded out the main dinner with a big serving of delicious chocolate cake to follow.

Joe Duran led the members in a sing-a-long. It was fun, but we may have broken Joe's guitar as we missed more than a few notes.

more card games

Card games and Dominoes were enjoyed by everyone after dinner and the singing.

On Saturday evening the Aspen Leaves held a chili cook-off, with favorite recipes of all the men represented. Some were hot, some were mild, and all were tasty. The tasting was performed by the KOA Campground owners, who took the opportunity to fill a few bowls for their own dinner, a fair trade!

There was quite a bit of talk among the fellows about changes for next years recipes, including some plans to "spice 'em up a bit".

George Kerns, Fred Trzos, and Don Emerson were the winners of the chili contest.

Don Greer cooks pancakes for breakfast on Saturday morning, continuing a recent tradition. They were extremely good as usual.

Dogs, dogs, and more dogs. Sandy, Renee, and Marguerite were out Saturday walking the Aspen Leaves canine brigade, all 9 of them. Never seen so many dogs. There were black dogs, gray dogs, brown dogs, short and tall dogs, and some in between.

Heritage Square - November 13


25th Year Anniversary Celebration - November 26
Dinner at The Old Neighborhood
Play at Old Town Arvada - Festival Playhouse

Our 25th Anniversary dinner was held at one of the chapter's favorite restaurants, The Old Neighborhood. There were dinner choices of chicken courdelaine, prime rib (a restaurant specialty), trout, and salmon. All were excellent as usual.
A special celebration cake was also enjoyed.

Our anniversary continued after dinner with a trip to Old Town Arvada's Festival Playhouse for a fine presentation of the Pat Cook story "Somethin' Special for Christmas.
Christmas in West Texas can be pretty drab, especially for three ranch hands who usually decorate a cactus with painted barbed wire. However, when it looks as if the ranch may be bought out from under them, the boys decide they better come up with something special, and fast. All of our childhood memories flood the stage in this poignant Yuletide slice-of-life.

Renee, Sharon, Dave, Ruthie, and Judy

George and Goldie

John, Margaret, and Marguerite

Bob and Margaret

Wayne and Thelma

Chapter Christmas Party
Wolhurst Community Center - Littleton
December 3

Table decoration

The Aspen Leaves Chapter brought 2005 to a close with a terrific Christmas party and dinner. The delicious meal was followed by the installation of officers for 2006.

Marguerite stumped the members with a scrambled Christmas Carol quiz.

The evening ended with a round of Christmas Carols. Ruthie on the piano, and Joe on  the microphone led the group in singing many of our favorite tunes.

Goldie serves some of George and Goldie's delicious ham.

An anxious dinner line.

Cliff, Sandy, Fred, Bob, and Margaret

The best part!

Ruthie plays the piano during the Christmas Carol singing.

Joe leads the group. Our singing is improving.

Wayne and Thelma

Dan and Phyllis join in the singing.

Marguerite leads the scrambled carol quiz.

Installation of officers for 2006.